Intro to Modeling Instruction:  It’s Poppin’!

Energy Transfer Models

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

10am – 1:00pm  or

12:00pm – 1:00pm lunch only

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Come join DFW-area STEM teachers Daniel Brown, physics teacher at the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, and former AP Physics lead for DISD, and Daniel Garrison, co-founder of STEMteachersDFW, engineering teacher at the Woodrow Wilson HS Academy of Engineering to participate in a lab-driven, inquiry-based, classroom-tested, and research-rooted Modeling Instruction cycle centered around energy transfer models.  You will experience this session in both student- and teacher-mode, and a lab using simple toy poppers that has dimensions for every STEM discipline, context, whether you teach with a high-tech or low-tech equipped lab, high or low socioeconomic student populations, urban or suburban district socioeconomic communities, and learn approaches immediately applicable to your classroom.  Perhaps most of all, you will connect with a group of committed professionals of like mind on mission together to bring  excellence to every student, make authentic professional community available to every teacher, and multiply brilliant STEM teachers into our schools.

Who should attend?

New teachers:  Come and see!  If you are new to the STEM classroom, come connect with local veteran teachers and access their expertise and mentoring, deepen your content knowledge, and get connected to international best practice pedagogies and national organizations dedicated to your long-term success and your becoming a brilliant teacher. 

Veteran teachers:  Come and see!  If you are a practicing, veteran STEM teacher, that humble yet confident teacher always looking to improve your practice and ready to learn from others as well as share your expertise, come learn and lead with us!

Administrators , school and district leaders:  Come and observe! If you are looking to improve and elevate the inquiry-driven nature of your STEM teacher departments, and tap into a diverse and DFW-wide talent pool, come connect with us, then go and tell your colleagues about what we’re doing. 

Parents:  Come and observe!  If you are looking for the best STEM teaching for your child to experience in their school, come observe and see what’s possible.  We want your students doing STEM, not doing school, and being inspired to join the next generation of innovators and world changers.



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