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Join us March 4th @ UTD!

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Collaborate with and learn from practicing DFW-area STEM teachers

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Tired of “doing school”? Join us and learn to create authentic STEM experiences in your classroom

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Collaborate and lead with dedicated colleagues to learn classroom-tested, research-rooted pedagogy for your content

We gather regularly for local, STEM teacher-led workshops and authentic professional community

Gain access to local and national, paradigm-changing, teacher-led summer workshops

Come join a growing community and experience authentic professional community from motivated, committed STEM teacher leaders

Learn how you can partner with us to help create the next generation of innovators and world-changing STEM leaders.

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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit affiliate of the American Modeling Teachers Association

and are inspired by our colleagues learning and leading together as STEMteachersNYC, STEMteachersPHX,

STEMteachersNJ, STEMteachersBPT (CT), and STEMteachersSoFL